Thursday, February 5, 2015



It's a fact- what you put in your mouth has consequences. Good food- healthy body- bad food- on a consistent basis will produce a whole gamete of problems. 
As an illustration- my mom about 7 or 10 yrs ago had some tests done on her heart revealing she had a good strong heart with no problems. 
I remember shortly after that my then 81 yr. old mom started with some new favorite snacks; a certain kind of milk chocolate bar, a certain kind of cookie and also an old favorite -Pecan ice cream. 
She would have one or all of these every day. 
Because my mom is small and had actually had lost about ten lbs and so we let her eat those thing along with her regular meals. 
I can really say I never gave thought to the damage it was causing. It was something that was taking time building up.

Fast forward  to Christmas 2014. My mom after a few days of complaining about a funny feeling in her chest when getting out of bed  needed to go to the Emergency Room. Originally we all thought it was her blood pressure
 because it would disappear as fast as it came, then we thought she had pneumonia or Bronchitis 
because she was short of breath. 
It was only the intervention and miracle of God that she did not die. She had 8 block arteries and underwent a quadruple bypass. She is now recovering.

In our Spiritual lives this can happen too. Are you eating too much seemingly harmless things 
like TV Land T.V, Pop music and 
what about conversations that reflect a worldly mind. 
We all know about the obvious things that affect our soul. But I'm speaking of things that are not sin but harmful to our spiritual health when not in balance.  
You may not sense it right away. It's so important to keep a strong vertical with Christ. The moment you realize you are beginning to prefer or gravitate towards those "harmless" pleasures; 

Run! Run as fast as you can to the Spiritual Emergency Room of Prayer.

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