Monday, December 8, 2014

Simply Faith

"Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain,
 ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

Faith can never be too big or too small. 
Faith comes in all sizes and one size fits all.
Beloved, it's not the size of your faith but whom you put it in. 
That of course is Jesus Christ.
Faith as small as a mustard seed 
will move mountains if it is in Christ. 
This post is a little longer than most of my posts. 
Please bear with me for it is a testimony of what God can do with just a particle of faith put in Him.
Many years ago, my first lesson in this 
took place in a small park in Milford, Massachusetts when
I was about eight months old in the Lord. 
A friend and I both being mothers 
would take our babies to stroll around this park and give tracts to others- mostly mothers.  

 While there we noticed a very tall,large,
 black man wearing no shirt, only a black leather vest and on his arms, leather wristbands that had metal studs on them.
He also wore jeans and leather boots.
Completing this outfit, he had a floppy hat and dark glasses.
To me he was gigantic and a little frightening,
most definitely to be avoided.
He was watching us as carefully as we were watching him.
Decidedly, we ignored him and gave him a wide berth.
While passing tracts out, I kept hearing a little prompt in my heart; 
"Go tell that man I love him".
"You don't mean that man, Lord" 
I, of course, brushed it away-out of fear, 
rationalizing that would not be a good idea 
and it couldn't be God- could it? 
The prompt got louder and more persistent.
It seemed to grow in my heart till 
I thought it would burst through.
It was now nearing our time to leave- yet, I found I could not because ofthis constant cry in my soul. 
With a trembling heart and tiny faith, 
I asked my friend 
if she would watch my son Jason 
as I needed to go and give a tract to that man.
All I remember 
was her mouth hanging open in fear 
as she said "you can't."
I remember my legs feeling like water as I approached him. 
I was so fearful that I began talking loudly to him 
from about 3 yards away. 
"Excuse me sir, but I need to tell you something."
Removing his glasses 
to get a better look at this "ant" who was disturbing his day,
he fixed his gaze on me. 
I stopped about 3 feet away from him and told him that
God wanted me to tell him that He loved him.
He responded with a very gruff, "what did you say"?
I moved a little closer and said, 
"Do you know that God loves you very much?
Do you know that He sent Jesus Christ to die for your sins 
so that
you can have forgiveness"?
I continued on with the Gospel 
and sensed the power and presence of God.
I was filled with joy and completely at ease as he listened-
 even though all the while, 
he was looking around as is for someone.

Then I asked him, "would you like to pray 
and ask Jesus into your heart right now"?
Much to my surprise and joy he said "yes".
With great joy I prayed with him. I also invited him to come to Framingham and visit our church there. 
With deep regret and seriousness he replied, 
"Little lady, I'm sorry I can not come and 
you will never see me again. 
You see I have a gun in my back pocket. 
I came here to kill someone, but I cannot do this now- 
because of Jesus. 
I must go far away or I will be killed". 
I was sad as I told him I will see him again one day.
As I said goodbye to him 
I could only wonder at the power of God to use
 the smidgeon of faith obedience I had 
so He could change a life and gain a son.
Beloved, walk in faith of any size- 
put it in Christ and change the world of one life
and then another and still another. 
Yours will be changed also-forever.
Have a beautiful day!

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