Monday, December 1, 2014

Godly friends are quite the gift from God.
 Most of what I learned in being a Godly friend I have learned through the ones God has given to me. I am quite privileged to say that I have several who truly are just that. We have many acquaintances, and a few of them may be wonderful friends
yet to have been given 
more than a few truly godly and mature friends, 
is a  rare benefit indeed. 

A genuine friendship is not measured in years or in sameness of likes and dislikes,
 nor  is it measured in the countless times they have taken your side. 
The Gold standard for quality of friendship will always find its root
 in its alinement with the Word of God. 
Will you as a friend stand with your friend against all 
when they are standing in Christ and the precious Gospel of Grace? 
Will you also in love reprove your friend with the Word of God,
 though it may mean risking that friendship? 
 Can any of us be a true friend, if first not a true friend of God?

I often speak about and quote my first pastor, Carl H. Stevens. 
Here was a true friend, of God first
 and then to any other who would or not receive the love of Christ through him.
 He became a dear friend to me.
 We did not "hang out together" as common with friends.
 We were not close in age, still, as my friend, he never failed to give me the truth 
with love and kindness.
I do not say that I always liked to hear it.

True friendship is filled with the character and nature of God's love and
 is therefore able build a capacity in others to hear what is right.
Thank God for your true friends today and thank them by always having Christ between you.

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